40:40 Day 20

My first car was a 1998 Dodge Neon, and it was a piece of crap.

My head gasket (whatever that is) flooded not once but twice, causing my engine to shut off on a ramp to the highway with a huge semi-truck behind me. Thank God I was able to pull off to the side of the road before I got flattened!

Anyway, the first time I had to take it in for the head gasket I furiously scrunched around in my glove box for the warranty agreement. I was really close to hitting the mileage that would make my warranty null and void. I was working for a daycare at the time, so the bucks weren’t exactly rolling in.

I wasn’t even a Christian at the time, but you know how it goes..when in trouble..”God, please let me make it to the dealership under warranty!”

I kid not when I tell you that I parked at the Carmax dealership with ONE mile left in my warranty. One!!!

I asked the mechanic not to drive my car around the parking lot too much, and I saved a thousand dollars. 

God is good to me.

Prayer: For J’s miraculous and mighty healing, and for God to show himself victorious over the enemy’s attack of her family.


About Angela

I'm just trying to figure this life thing out with the help of some amazing friends and a God who loves me in spite of my tendency to forget what is truly important!
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