40:40 Day 11

Richmond, from what I’d seen on a weekend trip, was nothing more than a big Manassas. Dingy auto shops and chain restaurants punctuated long sentences of nondescript strip malls on both sides of Broad Street. 

Couldn’t I know someone in Miami? A fresh start should be exciting, and not contain the country’s largest concentration of CiCi’s Pizzas. 

Richmond seemed boring, and I knew exactly two people there, and they were married to each other. I was grateful for the offer to live with Julie and her husband, and knew that if I really wanted to focus on my new relationship with God I would need to leave behind the town laden with memories of drunken nights and a unhealthy relationships, including the one I was currently in. I needed a clean slate and a good seventy miles between my old life and the one I was pursuing. Still, I wasn’t expecting to actually like this backwards, slow little city after growing up in the booming metropolis just outside of Washington, D.C.

I needed to think about this.

Laying in bed one night , halfway between awake and asleep, I heard a voice. “Go to Richmond.” Deep and booming, just like you’d expect, but not overly loud. In fact, I’m sure no one else heard it, but I did. “What?” I questioned, internally. God heard, and graced my slow processing by repeating: “Go to Richmond.” “Okay”, I answered eloquently.

That direct confirmation was exactly the push I needed to commit to moving.

In the twelve years since, I’ve grown to love Richmond (and the amazing people I’ve been blessed with here) more than I could ever imagine, and I detest the thought of ever moving back to Northern Virginia. There’s a whole ‘nother world apart from West End Broad Street, filled with beautiful architecture, history,independent restaurants and parks. It’s a city full of wonderful places and people, and there’s always more to discover ( and a new brewery on every corner)!

More than that, I love knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt this is where God has me in this season of life. There’s such comfort in that, and I am here to tell you that I wish he’d speak to me more often, because it makes life decisions a whole lot easier!

Prayer: Pray for God to be present and active as his followers cast off sin and bondage, and for protection from the enemy, beginning with me!

*Pray for J’s lumps and bumps to be miraculously healed and for financial provision.



About Angela

I'm just trying to figure this life thing out with the help of some amazing friends and a God who loves me in spite of my tendency to forget what is truly important!
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