Summa This, Summa That

The past month has been a good one.

Summer sunshine, day trips to Virginia Beach and Charlottesville wineries, one wedding, picnics in parks, Mexican girls night (and Richie),  happy hours, karaoke, rooftop cigars, visiting friends all around Richmond.

It’s been a great staycation.




Good people make life worth it.

Now, our best friend has boarded another airplane and landed on yet another continent, but the bond is stronger and the friendship more firmly anchored in our hearts. Sisters by choice.

I’ve been blessed with a few of those.

Back to normal life now.

I broke down and joined a gym Sunday night, and feel great after two good workouts. I’m also eating smaller meals more frequently, rather than three larger ones. Water. Water. Water.

I’m cutting out T.V. during the week, and doing a 40 day prayer group with some friends.

I’m listening to Kelly Minter’s audio book “Wherever the River Runs”. It chronicles her journeys to the jungle people of Brazil and how it has changed everything for her. I grew up in the same youth group as she did, and her dad was my pastor, so it’s cool to hear stories and actually know the people and be able to picture them in the story. Also..the girl is an amazing writer! And funny! I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I’m looking forward to a great summer..another wedding coming up, AshWat’s bday party bus, summer activities with church, and (potentially) a trip to Portugal in August if I can save up the money in time!

Hope you are enjoying your summer and staying cool!



About Angela

I'm just trying to figure this life thing out with the help of some amazing friends and a God who loves me in spite of my tendency to forget what is truly important!
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